VMware TAM Weekly Happenings 10/20/17

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Friday, October 20, 2017

For this publication, we’re highlighting the next two webinars in our TAM Global Webinar Series. These will focus on WaveFront and vRealize Operations.

WaveFront! Learn more about one of the key announcements from VMworld 2017. Wavefront® by VMware® is a SaaS based monitoring and analytics service that ingests a variety of data sources that are processed and stored as time-series metrics that can be analyzed, visualized, and alerted upon for optimization, status reporting, anomaly detection, and troubleshooting of modern cloud applications. .

vRealize Operations – Custom Dashboard Building Deep Dive! Join us for this “LIVE” hands-on session where we will walk through building an exclusive custom dashboard. Learn the tips and tricks of what to do (and not to do) to ensure that when you build your own content you have the best results. The content and step-by-step directions will be shared with TAM Customers.




Serverless, FaaS, and Cloud Services on…

Serverless, FaaS, and Cloud Services on vSphere?!!! Yes! #vmwaretam #vsphere #vmware

Serverless, FaaS, and Cloud Services on…

Serverless computing is becoming increasingly popular to create micro services without needing to worry about how the functions are orchestrated or scaled. This frees developers to think more directly about what is important to them, delivering value to their customers and business. Serverless provides a very simple development model where you can write and execute functions without having to worry about code to compile or underlying infrastructure. Much of the intelligence and automation that occurs with the Amazon Echo is backed by serverless functions. The Echo alone has led to millions of serverless functions that execute on the AWS cloud today.

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